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            YueJin Company's remarkable cultural source in historical accumulating, Realistic endeavor,the hanker of future. It is the fist company of nation which introduction overseas vanguard technology fixed- blankness production disc type electrical machinery and not series products and oil pump and so on. Is listed as 1992 year " by the State Council state-level new product trial production project ",Wins the national conversion of military technologies and facilities for civilian use high-tech product silver prize and the quality gold medal,the "Yue Yu" trademark is evaluated the Hunan Province famous trademark, The success exploration, the creation use foreign capital, the introduction technology the pattern which unifies with the self-development becomes in the domestic disc brake electrical machinery production profession glistening white.

            Yuejin Company not fear hard and dangerous development, amazing achievement,engraves own " remarkable " historic course. Along with market environment change,The competition intensifies day by day. Facing challenge,The company adjusts the strategy positively,take market as guidance making system competitive power,In new time,pursues remarkably is leaps forward the human firm faith, the advance power. We challenge ourselves, while receives the fine tradition,we break does not suit the development each kind of restriction, transforms the innovation bravely, keeps pace with the times. We dare to compete, the competition lets the powerhouse be stronger, brave is braver,The company develops,the breakthrough in the intense market competition, can obtain the lasting vitality. We must unite all staff and other partner£¬strives for success courageously,unremitting pursue.

            The development path never can be problem-free,lead us forward is in the heart faith. "Pursues remarkably,Professional offer"the peopers of Yue Jin take this as it's faith,never give up.

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