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           Deference good faith,technical innovation, product first-class for it's quality policy. In 1997 passed the GJB/Z9001-1996 quality system authentication, in April,2004 passed the GJB9001A-2001 quality system authentication. It has the consummation surveillance and the metering equipment and obtains the national defense second level of measuring unit qualifications, It also has authenticated and reexamines the approval through the national defense measurement, and has each kind of advanced check-out facility 71 in which main examination ability and equipment as follows:

            It has established the factory quality, the length, the pressure, the temperature, the electricity and so on seven aspect highest measurement standards which guaranteed the size transmission and the tracing accuracy, provided the advanced necessary installment, such as large-scale multi-purpose tool maker's microscope, vertical optics interferometer, length measuring instrument, electrical manometer checking table and so on.

            2. It has disposed the advanced chemical analysis and the material testing installment which guaranteed raw material to enter shop the approval and craft parameter accurate, such as atom absorption spectrum, spectrophotometer, large-scale metallography microscope, 30T, 60T material testing machine and so on.

            3. In front of the stove processed, the essential working procedure examination, the finally test equipment disposition is complete, is reliable which guaranteed the accuracy which the production process and the product finally furnished for examination, such as the number reveals in front of the stove thermodetector, high-low temperature testing machine and so on.

            The company carries out "the quality first" "the customer is supreme"objective, follows the "eight quality control principle strictly", value quality control system construction and maintenance work, provided the suitable resources, improves the foundation equipment and the working conditions continually. It has been clear about various departments' responsibility and the jurisdiction, guaranteed the quality control system suitability, the validity and the sufficiency, The management responsibility obtained the realization. Implementation quality policy and quality goal management, Improves the quality control system unceasingly and causes it to move effectively. The authentication product design development, the production, the surveillance surveys the entire process to be controlled which achieves in the plan arrangement, the product quality in kind stable, conforms to the stipulation requirement, the quality control system movement is effective.

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