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            Under the company supposes the scientific research development center to be responsible for the new product development work. More than 30 people have each kind of technical personnel which all above the faculty (including faculty) educational level (above undergraduate course and the undergraduate course school record 19, project master 2), high-level title 10, intermediate title 15, The disc electrical machinery research institute is responsible for the goods for civilian use electrical machinery series product scientific research and the production technical service workn It has each kind of technical personnel 14 which all above the faculty the school record,one people gained high-level title, thirteen people gained intermediate title. The scientific research institution has the advanced computer equipment and the corresponding specialized design computer software which has the development and the design develops the new product the essential condition. The technical personnel has received the different level and  different form specialized training.  After many year product scientific research practice exercise, accumulated the massive designs and the development experience, it is a specialized skill strong, the technological strength abundant specialized design entity. Maintains and the universities, colleges and institutes, the research institute frequently carries on the widespread relation and the technological cooperation.

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